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Biographies in English

English - W/C Monday 1st October 2018


To start off our unit on biographies we talked to our partners about a key event in our life. We then had to write a paragraph about our partner’s key event.


We had to listen carefully and ask questions to find out more details. We talked about effective communication.


During the week we have looked at some different biographies of sporting heroes:


* Mo Farah

* Jessica Addlington

* Wayne Rooney


We have done lots of reading activities in our English lessons.


Mo Farah - We picked out interesting facts and wrote the facts in our own words.


Jessica Adlington - We had some reading comprehension questions to answer about the biography.


Wayne Rooney - We were given some statements. We had to read the text and say if the statement was true or false. We then had to back up our answer with evidence from the text.