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Life Education Caravan

Life Caravan Visit

Tuesday 30th October


Today it was year 3s turn to visit the Life Caravan. We were very excited to go in as we remembered it being fun in Reception, Year 1 and 2.


Today the focus of our learning was the human body and staying healthy.


We learnt that our brain is the size of our fists together.


We looked at a plastic doll called Tam.


Some of us got the chance to locate different organs on Tams body. Ava found her heart. Aidan found the lungs. Camden found the stomach and Alfie lit up the intestines.


We talked about the effects that smoking can have on our bodies.

We had to think of a sentence that started with Ive heard that.......


Here are our great thoughts:


Ive heard that....


...... it can kill you (Janey)

...... it can blacken your teeth (Shane) can close your lungs (Ava)

...... it’s not healthy (Scarlett) makes your fingers orangey yellow (Harvey)

...... it can give other people sore throats (Alfie) can smoke in a car with children (Cassie)

...... it can cause fires (Archie)


We talked about what happens with our food once it reaches our stomach.

FACT - Your large intestine is shorter than your small intestine but thicker.



We talked about alcohol being a poison and that it slows your brain down.



We were asked to think about which part of the body is the most important.

Our guesses:






The answer is all of the parts of the body are equally important!


We had great fun on the bus and enjoyed seeing Harold and his friends.