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Week 1

Week 1


It has been lovely to have all the children back in school this week and to hear about their half term holidays (although I do get quite jealous hearing their tales!).


We have launched straight back into hard work and learning this week. We have finished off our Crime and Punishment in the Anglo-Saxon Times topic and the children are looking forward to hearing about our next topic in a couple of weeks.


The children finished their own versions of the Legend of Beowulf which was the shared/scaffolded write phase of our Legends unit. When teaching a unit of writing we move through phases which are Creating Interest, Reading Phase, Gathering Content Phase, Shared/Scaffolded Write/ Independent or Cross Curricular Write. During the Scaffolded Phase the children write a section of their piece of writing each day with a different skill focus after I have taught and modelled the skill. Their work is then marked in-depth with personal next steps for them to take on board. After the shared write is done, the children have chance to use their new skills independently in a new but similar piece of writing.


This week, for the independent write section of this unit, the children wrote the Legend of Beowulf with an alternate ending. The child really enjoyed this as they were able to allow the villain to defeat the hero! I was really impressed with their independent writing.


We looked at acute, obtuse and reflex angles in Maths and moved onto using knowledge about angles in shapes to identify missing angles. I gave the children something really challenging for this and they tackled it really enthusiastically.


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss S x