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Week 1


To start the week off we planned and wrote a recount about a special day over our holidays. The children thought carefully about their handwriting and their sentence openers.


Miss Bryan dictated some sentences to us and we had to write the sentences in our books thinking carefully about our spellings and our punctuation.


To start off our Stone Age topic we were introduced to our new story that we would be focussing on in our English lessons. We were given the front cover and we had to think about possible titles for the story. We thought of some really good examples:


The Explorers

The Boy who became Stone Age

The Scary Captains

Siblings of the Stone Age

The Scary Stone Age

The Tunnel

The Time Machine


We discussed the title of the book and the illustration on the cover:


We then read the blurb and thought of possible questions we could ask about the book and the characters. Finally we wrote down some predictions about what we thought might happen in the book. All the children were really excited to start the book and find out what happens!






In maths we have been learning to round 2-digit and 3-digit numbers to the nearest ten or hundred.


We learnt the rhyme:


Five to Nine - Climb the Vine.

Zero to Four - Slide to the Floor!


Image result for rounding to nearest ten

Religious Education


In RE this week we were introduced to the question:




We had a good discussion and came up with lots of good answers to the questions.

We thought about how we feel when we sing in Worship and we debated the question - Can Worship songs only be sung in church?





Whole School Worship


This half term we are thinking about role models and we will be discovering people we didn't know existed and discussing how they can be classed as a role model.

We will explore questions about role models as the weeks go on.


Picture 1



We have been learning how to send emails via our Purple Mash accounts. we received an email from Miss Bryan and learnt how to access it and reply to it.


We thought about all the different ways that we can communicate and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each method.


Then we made concept maps using 2Connect.

Jaxson's Concept Map

Archie's Concept Map



Guided Reading


This week we have started reading chapter 1 of Stig and the Dump.

We are very excited to find out what happens to Stig.




At the start of this half term we are exploring the question:


What was life like for people in the Stone Age?


To begin our research we read information about hunting and animals in the Stone Age.


The children then wrote their own sentences in their books and we shared some of these facts with each other.


Image result for stone age pic