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Week 1

This week's focus SKATs in Year 3


Our whole school SKAT focus is:

* I am aware of things I find difficult


Year Three's additional two SKATs this week:

* I can apply my learning

* We are able to compromise


We will work hard all week to improve these Skills and Attitudes and think about how these look in our learning and in other situations.



TAG RUGBY - Monday 25th February 2019


This half term we are learning the rules of tag rugby. each week we are going to focus on different skills we need to play the sport.


Today we focussed on throwing and catching the rugby ball. To do this we had to focus on how to hold the rugby ball.


The children tried really hard and Miss Bryan was impressed with the improvements shown in the lesson. Good listening Year 3!

Touch Typing Masters at work in our Computing lesson this week!

Endurance Training - PE








For the next few weeks we are focussing on playscripts. We have been discussing how they differ from a story and learning the features of a play script.


Benjamin brought in some of his script from when he played Michael in the Peter Pan pantomime at Christmas. Miss Bryan read some of Benjamin’s lines and he showed us how they should be read! It was a great treat, especially as we are focussing on intonation and expression this week when speaking.


We looked at a playscript called ‘I Spy’. After predicting what the short play could be about we looked at the different features and red the script together. 

The next day the children were put into groups and they set to work Rehearsing for their performances.

Here they are showing one of our SKATs this week 


We even saw some rock, paper, scissors going on to decide who got which part!