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Week 2

Week 2

Written by Beth and Phoebe


This week we have been learning about World War One. We did poems like Dulce et Decorum Est and turned them into pieces of art work. We also did some diary entries of what it would be like to be in the trenches. We did some VR (virtual reality) of the war.


A man from Blackburn Rovers came in to teach us PE and also taught us why exercise is important. (This was the first of five Move and Learn sessions led by Blackburn Rovers)


We learnt a song in Music about soldiers and joined in singing it in class.


We looked at some information about a soldier called John Grimshaw who died in the war. John Grimshaw and some other soldiers lived in Darwen and are all buried here. We went to the graveyard to look at their war graves.


We made our own special presentations about World War One and what we have learned this week.


At 11 o'clock we had a special remembrance service in the hall.