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Week 2

Week 2


This week the children were introduced to this term's genre in English - Legends of the British Isles. The class were shown images and had to guess the genre. Nobody guessed spot on but we had some fabulous suggestions! We looked at the title of the book we will be studying - Beowulf - and had a chat about what we were expecting. There were mixed reactions and thoughts, especially when I gave a heads up that this book can be pretty gruesome in some parts!!


The children also discovered the focus of our topic work for this half term. I told the children that our learning would link to the Anglo Saxons but explained they would have to guess the specific focus by looking for clues outside. The children enjoyed hunting for the picture clues and a few children managed to guess which specific aspect of the Anglo Saxons we will be looking at - Crime and Punishment. As with Beowulf I gave a disclaimer that we may encounter some gore! This caused some excitement with a lot of the class!


This week the children really enjoyed a Money Matters session in which a visitor came to teach the children about money management, wants and needs and what debt is. I was really proud of how the children engaged with the activities and they seemed to really learn a lot.


Miss S x