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Week 3

Week 3


 Week Three included gymnastics, place value and the introduction of our new and improved school council - Pupil Voice Group.


The children were all asked to plan and write a manifesto to say why they think they should be elected as a Pupil Voice Co-ordinator. The children who want to will present their manifestos to the class and like last year, we will have an election day where the class will vote for who they want to represent them. The manifestos look great and I am so excited to see the presentations in a couple of weeks!!


This week we also explored the idea that it is okay to make mistakes. This is something we as a class can struggle with sometimes and I wanted to make light of the apparent embarrassment and frustration that comes with making mistakes in class. We played a hilarious game where contestants had to answer as many questions incorrectly as they could in 60 seconds. After this all the children did a Year One maths test and had to answer as many questions wrong as they could. The whole class were in fits of laughter and I hope it's removed some of the current panic and seriousness attached to making mistakes. We also had a serious chat about how making mistakes are a natural part of learning and looked at some famous people who have overcome setbacks in their lives. Did you know Albert Einstein's teacher said he would amount to nothing and Walt Disney was once fired for lacking imagination!!


Miss S x