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Week 4

Week 4


Another exciting week in school this week!


The children are loving reading our class text - The Invention of Hugo Cabret - and have been working on their inference skills. We have been answering question about the text by using Point, Evidence explain grids and using speculative language. I was really impressed with how the children dealt with this as it's quite tricky! We also explored the themes of the texts and the class enjoyed creating freeze frames to represent the word. They came up with some really creative ideas!


Our Maths has been quite challenging this week! We began by recapping how to find the area and perimeter of rectangles then moved onto composite rectilinear shapes. The children had to find the missing lengths of the shapes and then use this information to work out the perimeter. It was hard work but the children really persevered which was fantastic.


Our topic work has taken us to the world of forces. This week we have been looking at friction and the children had a great time creating vocabulary based on friction and no friction. They tried to push jelly cubes along a plate and generated words to describe this. Then we added oil and repeated the activity. They came up with some fantastic words. The children were also blown away by the power of friction when they were unable to pull apart two books. The friction on the interlocking pages was stronger than us trying to pull them apart! This caused a lot of excitement in class and the children were so enthusiastic that a couple of unfortunate books had their covers ripped off through sheer determination! (They were old books and recovered well after a bit of tape and TLC)


In PE we have been working on agility and reactions which the children absolutely loved. We also explored the eat - well plate and discussed what balance of food groups the children should be eating in their meals. The class were very impressive at think of as many fruit and vegetables as they could in the colours of the rainbow.


Have a super weekend!


Miss S x