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Week 5

Week 5


This week has been assessment week and the children have been completing Reading and Mathematics assessments throughout the week. Our writing is assessed during independent writes at the end of and throughout English unit, as mentioned in previous weeks. The children really impressed me with how they got on and gave it their best go. Assessments can be stressful and it is one of the least favourite parts of my job but they provide a good picture of where we are up to as a class and gives me an insight into areas of learning we need to recover or explore more. For the first time, next week we will be having conferencing sessions with the children, which will involve the children in their learning by going through incorrect answers and understanding where they have made mistakes.


On Wednesday the whole of KS2 went to Oswaldtwistle Civic Arts Centre to watch the pantomime Beauty and the Beast. It was lovely to spend this time with the children and share their enjoyment with them. I'm not sure who enjoyed the pantomime more, the children or me!


We have continued our reading and analysis of Hugo Cabret and the story is really getting interesting! Every time I close the book the children groan and shout because they are desperate to find out what happens next. This brings me so much joy to hear this as I love seeing them enjoy a story so much.


The children also took part in an Outdoor Learning session in which they worked on teamwork and communication. They had a great time and built on some really valuable skills.


We have continued our work on friction in Science and this week the children developed their own investigations to answer the question: 'What effect does friction have on a moving object?' They had some fantastic ideas and it was great to see them putting together their own plans without any adult input.


We also said goodbye to Mrs Robinson and Miss Rolfe on Friday who are both leaving us to start new work adventures elsewhere. Mrs Robinson has worked with us in Year 5 since September and both members of staff have worked with the children in previous years. It was sad to say goodbye but we are sure they will visit!  


Have a superb weekend!


Miss S x