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Week 6

Week 6


The children have had another great week this week.


We have continued our work on Hugo Cabret and the children have been gathering ideas ready to plan their own invention action scene next week. Part of their gathering ideas involved having 'pounds' to spend on valuable words from within the text and exploring the effect of their use. The class also enjoyed creating a text map of a scene within the text where symbols and pictures represent sentences and events.


The class have been focussing on long multiplication this week, using the column multiplication method. We used a spreadsheet with items and costs for a Christmas Extravaganza party to base our learning on and the children really enjoyed this.


We also completed some more science investigations in which we looked at the effect of gravity on objects.


During their outdoor learning the children explored the effect of air resistance and were really engaged in the practical, hands aspect of this.


We have begun to focus on 3 SKATs per week instead of per lesson to allow for more discussion and application of the chosen SKATs. The children have much preferred this approach and have really engaged well with our SKATs this week. They were:


- Learning from my mistakes

- Explain my thinking

- Happy for others


Have a super weekend!


Miss S x