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Autumn 1

We are back! Year 6 have had a fantastic first week back and are beginning to settle back into school life.

PSHE - Are you a caring friend?

Today, in PSHE, we discussed how to be a more caring friend. We role played various situations and offered advice of how to help each other. Millie was a superstar and gave some fantastic advice of how to help a friend who is worrying. Her top tips were to let them know that they weren’t worrying alone, offer to do something fun to take their mind off it and to ask them questions to find out exactly what was worrying them. Great job Millie!

Outdoor Learning - Science! 🍃

This morning, we began our new topic in Science. We collected lots of different leaves and worked together to classify them based on their observable features, including their shape, veins, colour and edges. We all worked so well together and did a fantastic job!

More outdoor learning!

This morning, we began to create artwork inspired by the songs we have studied in our songs and lyrics English unit. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished pieces next week!

Outdoor learning - Geography

This morning, we learned about how to use an 8 point compass compass 🧭 to write directions. Next week, we will follow some directions and see how easy they are to follow! 
This afternoon, we created dichotomous keys for different types of leaves as part of our learning in science. We learned more about the different observable features that leaves have which help us to classify them.

Geography - outdoor learning 🗺

This morning, we continued our geography learning outside. This time, we learned about 4 figure grid references and how to follow them. We used maps of the playground and followed 4 figure grid references to find questions outside and raced to complete them as quickly as possible. The whole class showed lots of teamwork and we even got to enjoy the new outdoor learning area for the first time! 

Time for bagels! 🥯

Here we are enjoying our bagels whilst we complete our registration task!

Outdoor learning - Geography 🗺

Today, we continued learning about grid references. This time, we wrote and followed 6 figure grid references to spell words from the Year 5/6 spelling list. 

Maths - division

This morning, we began learning about division. To start with, we are re-capping some learning from year 5 by looking at how to divide by a 1-digit number using place value counters and the short division method.

Geography - outdoor learning

This morning, we continued our learning outside and used 6 figure grid references to find out what different ordnance survey map symbols mean. The children displayed great teamwork and perseverance.

Computing - spreadsheets 👩‍💻 👨‍💻

Have a look at our learning in computing this morning. We were using spreadsheets to calculate costs and profits for a charity summer fair. It’s all good practise for when we organise our Y6 games for the real summer fair next year! As you can see, Millie particularly enjoyed it!

Outdoor learning - science 🕷 🐛 🐜

Today, in science, we continued our learning about living things. We did a bug hunt outside to find out which locations of the playground were the most diverse. Once back inside, we rated each location on its diversity and classified the invertebrates we found based on their observable features. 
Today we practised different painting techniques. We tried stippling, blending and using brushstrokes to represent different parts of nature. Next week, we will evaluate and improve our techniques and plan a landscape painting.

Worship 💒

Check out our amazing work from worship this week. We looked at Jeremiah 29:11, which is one of our foundation scriptures, and created art which included the verse.
We created our own obstacle courses in PE and timed ourselves to see if we. Hold complete them quicker each time, We also had a go at another group’s course and tried to beat our time.

Outdoor learning - Geography 🌍

We completed a relay to find out all about different lines of latitude and longitude. We added them to our own maps and then used atlases in class to identify countries in different parts of the world.

English - A Little Princess

Today, we read a description of the transformed attic in A Little Princess and drew what we imagined it to look like. We added labels using words or phrases from the text.