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Autumn 1

We are back! Year 6 have had a fantastic first week back and are beginning to settle back into school life.

PSHE - Are you a caring friend?

Today, in PSHE, we discussed how to be a more caring friend. We role played various situations and offered advice of how to help each other. Millie was a superstar and gave some fantastic advice of how to help a friend who is worrying. Her top tips were to let them know that they weren’t worrying alone, offer to do something fun to take their mind off it and to ask them questions to find out exactly what was worrying them. Great job Millie!

Outdoor Learning - Science! 🍃

This morning, we began our new topic in Science. We collected lots of different leaves and worked together to classify them based on their observable features, including their shape, veins, colour and edges. We all worked so well together and did a fantastic job!

More outdoor learning!

This morning, we began to create artwork inspired by the songs we have studied in our songs and lyrics English unit. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished pieces next week!

Outdoor learning - Geography

This morning, we learned about how to use an 8 point compass compass 🧭 to write directions. Next week, we will follow some directions and see how easy they are to follow! 
This afternoon, we created dichotomous keys for different types of leaves as part of our learning in science. We learned more about the different observable features that leaves have which help us to classify them.