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Computing at St. James

Welcome to the Computing area of our website!

The subject leader for computing at St James' is Miss Bryan.


Snapshot of Computing


Online Safety

All classes started off the year learning about online safety and the importance of this in school and at home. This is an important strand that will continue throughout the year emphasising the importance for safety in our digital world.


Reception class have been talking about telling an adult if something upsets them online and to ask an adult's permission to watch a video.

Year one focused on logging in safely with their own individual logins and the importance of this.

Year two focused on understanding that information put online leaves a digital footprint or trail.

Year three focused on creating safe passwords and why this is important and whether or not everything they read on the internet is true.

Year four learnt how to protect themselves from online identity theft and the meaning of plagiarism.

Year five gained a greater understanding of the impact that sharing digital content can have and how to maintain passwords.

Year six identified the benefits and risks of mobile devices broadcasting the location of a user/ device as well as having a clear idea of appropriate online behaviour.


Computing Curriculum

We are lucky enough to have access to Purple Mash which helps us to enhance our computing skills across the curriculum.

We have a class set of laptops and enough iPads for one between two. The children are taught to respect the technology and are taught skills to help them progress from Reception class right up to Year 6.


Reception Class have been exploring MiniMash and having lots of fun. They have been using their creative skills to create masterpieces in 2Paint.


Year One have been using Lego to help them understand the importance of instructions. They understand algorithms and are learning to use their directional language to control beebots.


YearTwo have been making their own spreadsheets in class as well as making charts on 2Graph.


Year Three have been learning how to create branching databases using 2Question on Purple Mash.


Year Four have become budding journalists using a simulated scenario to produce a newspaper report.


Year Five have created their own 3D games which included publishing and reviewing each others games. They are currently focusing on spreadsheets and how they can be used to create calculations and comparisons.


Year Six focused on spreadsheets and used their knowledge to help them budget Christmas presents, pocket money and a charity fair to calculate costs and profits. They are now learning how to be successful bloggers.


Click on the link below to see the Purple Mash Computing Learning Journey.

Purple Mash Parent Newsletter - March 2020

Autumn Term Enrichment Afternoon

Some children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 came together to create their own game on Purple Mash using the tool 2DIY 3D. It was a great challenge for the younger children and they thoroughly enjoyed the new experience.

Subject Overview