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Creative Activities

Activity 1 - Polar Bear Dance

Can you learn the polar bear song and do a dance? We would love to see a video of you having ago after your practise. You could just do one verse or two or even have a go at all of it!


Polar Bear, Polar Bear

Rhyme and Movement

Polar bear, Polar bear,

Turn around,

Polar bear, Polar bear,

Make no sound.


Polar bear, Polar bear,

Dance on your toes,

Polar bear, Polar bear.

Touch your nose.


Polar bear, Polar bear,

Show your paws.

Polar bear, Polar bear,

Hide your claws.


Polar bear, Polar bear,

Reach up high

Polar bear, Polar bear,

Wink one eye.


Polar bear, Polar bear,

Say good-night,

Polar bear, Polar bear,

Shut your eyes tight.


Polar bear, Polar bear,

Wake up now,

Polar bear, Polar bear,

Take a bow.

Activity 2 - Have a Winter Picnic


Picnics aren’t just for summer, they’re a brilliant way to keep the whole family warm on chilly winter days too. So if you’re planning a wintry walk in the woods, why not dust off your picnic basket and get inspired with our ideas and recipes?


Hot drinks and soups

One of the easiest ways to keep toasty on winter adventures is with a hot drink, or some soup, in a flask. A steaming cup of hot chocolate is extra special when it's sipped in the middle of a frosty forest (especially when topped with mini marshmallows). Wrapping your hands around a warm mug will help defrost icy fingers too.

Fancy a change from tea or coffee? Try diluting squash with hot water to make a warming fruity drink, or have a go at our delicious mulled juice.

Mulled apple juice recipe

You will need:

  • 1 litre of apple juice or diluted squash
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 3 cloves
  • a few pieces of orange peel

Put all the ingredients into a pan and simmer gently for about ten minutes. Carefully remove the cinnamon, cloves and peel, and pour the liquid into a flask.

Hot dogs

Kids love hot dogs, and you’ll find they taste even better outdoors. Cook some tinned hot dog sausages at home, then put them in a food flask topped up with just-boiled water to keep them warm. When you're hungry, carefully fish out the hot dogs and pop them inside bread rolls. (Remember to pat the sausages dry with some kitchen roll first to stop your bread getting soggy.) Add your favourite sauce and tuck in.

Top tips for exploring in winter

It goes without saying, but it's important to wear warm clothes on winter adventures. Remember that several layers are warmer than one thick item and easier to shed if kids get too hot running around. Wear an extra pair of socks to keep toes cosy and don’t forget a hat. If your hands get cold, you can eat your picnic wearing a pair of fingerless gloves.

These might be useful additions to your picnic basket too:

  • something waterproof to sit on – logs and picnic benches can stay damp in winter, even if the weather's dry
  • sanitising hand gel
  • kitchen roll (or napkins)
  • a rubbish bag to take your litter home
  • and don't forget to pack a couple of blankets to snuggle up in when you find your perfect picnic spot.