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Design Technology at St. James

Welcome to the Design Technology (D.T.) area of our website!


The subject leader for Design Technology at St James' Is Mrs Brown. 


Everything in the world that we live in has been designed. In our modern lives, things are being designed to make our lives easier and more fruitful. As time continues, these products are reviewed, analysed and then redesigned to meet the needs of the people now. Our children will experience this process of reviewing what there currently is, developing it and then create a new version of it. This is design. The children will use a range of materials and tools to enable them to convert their design ideas into a product. They will learn that the process does not work successfully first every time and that changes and alterations may be appropriate to achieve the desired outcome. 


Each class will be involved in a topic in each term. This may be over regular timetabled sessions or grouped sessions, dependent on the materials and tools needs as well as the setting up time and safety.


Snapshot of D.T.

In the spring term, the year groups will have a focused unit where they will combine and use their skills using a variety of materials:


Y1 - are going to create a space buggy with a focus on wheels and axles that will link to their space topic in other curriculum areas;


Y2 - will be creating some moving pictures with levers and sliders. They will learn about how they link together and how the direction of movement can be changed;

Y3 - are making some planters as we await the flowers to arrive in the spring. Y3 will consider what materials to use and the purpose of the materials - they need to keep the soil together, it needs to be able to hold water, it needs to be strong and other points;


Y4 - will be making some illuminated signs and looking at components within circuits to make them work effectively and efficiently;


Y5 - are linking their science and english topics on space to create a moving, mechanical system like an orrery. This could move and rotate and represent the Earth moving around the sun;


Y6 - will look into structures created by architects and will investigate their strengths and design features. This will then inform some of their decisions when creating their own structures.

Subject Overview