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Drawing Challenges with Mrs Hudson


Friday 22nd May 2020


Ok, so today I am going to post quite a few colouring pages and tutorials for you to keep you going over the holidays.
If there is anything in particular that you would like, please don't hesitate to contact me on the blog.

Here is the link for the tutorials for some fun crafts



Remember to also complete the hug template of yourselves, I will keep putting them up on the fence.
Stay safe, and keep smiling
Mrs H 

Thursday 21st May 2020


Good morning,
It was a beautiful day yesterday, do you think it will be as hot today.
I have been looking online for different things for us to do, so today I thought I would share with you something I found on a really good website called Krokotak. I really love this site it has lots of different activities for everyone.
There is a printable and also a link to show you how to complete the project. 
Have fun

Monday 18th May 2020


Good morning everyone,
I have been busy this weekend, I have laminated all the images of us. I got my nice tall family to help me attach them all to the fence outside of school.
I have also been playing with ink and paints, the fun I have had.
So I have put some instructions together so that you can have a go at home.
I hope you have as much fun as I did.
Put your pictures on the blog and lets have a look at what you have achieved.
Take care and stay safe.
Love Mrs H.

Monday 11th May 


Good morning,
I hope you had an excellent weekend and enjoyed celebrating V.E. day on Friday, I have seen some really lovely images of you with your bunting, aeroplane colourings and some studies you have done with family. They all looked amazing. 
I have had a great weekend, we had afternoon tea and celebrations outside on Friday. 
My family did some planting in our pots for outside, I hope that the weather stays kind and does not go really cold and kill them.
I have completed some drawing and art courses over the weekend, it was so lovely to spend sometime doing what I love.
I have decided to give you another how to draw today, I have Yoshi, so I am going to leave it here with you and get on with having a go myself.
Remember you get better with practice, even I don't get it right, I just have to start again or go over the bits that I think is wrong.
If you need any help, just leave a message on the blog and I will answer you.
Keep drawing and stay safe.
Good afternoon Everyone,
The sun has come back out, it is lovely and warm on my face, as I write this.
I have loved watching all your drawings of Pokémon. I have seen somewhere on one of the blog posts that you like baby Yoda.
I have found this online, and thought I would share it with you.
I will put my version on later, so lets get drawing.

Big Reveal - Monday


Last week, I said there would be something big happening this week.... well here it is..

Mrs Bibby sent me an image of pictures that a school had drawn and put up around their school whilst in lockdown.
I am asking everybody in school if they could do this challenge.
Please could you draw yourself with your hands out at either side as if you were going to hold hands with the person next to you. It can be a cartoon a sketch or any way you want, please do not send in photographs.
You can post your pictures on the drawing blog, send them into school. I will get them, laminate them and put them on the fence outside of school, to show that even though we are far apart we are always holding each others hands and are closer than ever.
Thank you Mrs Bibby for the idea.

Wednesday 29th April


Good Morning,
Who has stolen the sunshine ???   Oh well, nothing for it then a day on purple mash. catching up, sending messages and look what we have here as your daily challenge ...
How to draw Snorlax ?

Tuesday 28th April

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, it is a little grey at the minute where I am.
Today I have got your challenge ready. You have to fill in the numbered areas with the right pattern, then colour in.
Are you ready for lots of colourful smiley faces..... lets go

I just want to put this on here, I want you all to know that you don't have to be perfect, you just have to enjoy.

Friday 24th April 2020


Hi Everyone,


I know that I haven't posted on here this week and for that I apologise. I have been updating the blog, but completely forgot to put the challenges on here.


So here is the drawing challenge today. 


I want you to fill in this football with all the things that you love.




Thursday 16th April 2020 - Super colourful Giraffe


Good morning everyone, another beautiful day.


Before I go outside and paint my decking I wanted to give you a super colourful challenge.


When I gave this challenge to my Reception class art club, they loved it. So, here it is..

a multicoloured giraffe.


An easy way to get the colours to blend, I went over the picture  with a wax crayon, the colours do not go over the lines.


You can use felt tips, coloured pencils, or watercolour paints, the choice is yours.... please have a go and post your pictures on the blog.


I cant wait to see them

Wednesday 15th April 2020


Good morning everyone,
Its a little chilly this morning, but the sun is still shining. Has anyone seen any butterflies in their gardens or on walks ?
Whilst I was painting over the Easter weekend I had a beautiful painted lady butterfly come and sit right next to me.
I wondered if you would like to use my template to make a butterfly or design your own to put in your window to brighten up your neighbours day as they walk past.
Post your pictures of your completed butterflies either in your window or as you completing them. I cant wait to see them.
Take care, and stay safe
Mrs Hudson

This is my butterfly, I am going to laminate and put it in my window

Tuesday 14th April 2020


Good afternoon everyone.


I have put the daily drawing challenge on the school drawing blog and forgot to upload to here. I am so silly sometimes. Maybe my head is still in bed today. I have forgotten lots of things.


On the blog I have shared today a challenge to design your dream home. The one you always wished you could have, with a pool or your own trim trail or even a massive playroom, with all the gadgets you would think of.


What would you house be like, I wonder ??

Go on have a go and post your drawings to me, I would love to see your ideas.


Take care and stay safe


Mrs H xx

Thursday 9th April 2020


Hi Everyone, 


Sorry I did not get to upload a drawing challenge yesterday. I have been so busy getting all the Art resources ready for when we go back into school.


Ok so today, I thought we could try a little abstract drawing. 

I have attached a how to draw the face. Then its upto your imagination to come up with the colour design to finish off.


Have great fun with this I know I did.

Stay safe.



Tuesday 7th April - Drawing challenge


Hi everyone,


What a beautiful day again, I hope you are all staying at home nice and safe.


Today I thought I would share a How to Draw.... today it is a nice bright bunny that you can draw for your window.


I am now drawing mine, which I will upload to the Purple Mash blog as soon as I have finished.


Get those colouring pens and pencils out and brighten up somebody's day as they walk past your window.


Have fun



Here are my attempts at the directed drawing of a bunny