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Hand Hygiene Session

Today we had a visit from Tanya who came to talk to us about washing our hands. Tanya talked about why we need to wash our hands and how germs are invisible, we can’t see them. She showed us how to wash our hands properly and told us we should be washing them for around 30 seconds each time. 
Tanya put some special gel on Mrs Readshaw’s hands and then she put them under the UV light to see how clean they were. Mrs Readshaw’s hands were clean, however Tanya’s weren’t. Even though we said they looked clean they showed up lots of germs under the light. 
Leon and Madison put their hands under the light and the UV rays showed that there were lots of germs on them. They went off to give them a good wash and when they returned Leon’s were really clean!

we are all going to try really hard to remember what Tanya showed us and give our hands a really good clean.