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Smokey Bear and the Firemen


We were extremely excited to welcome the Firemen and Smokey Bear to our school!  As part of our Great Fire of London topic, we have investigated the tools that were available to firefighters in 1666.  Would you believe us if we told you there was no fire service and all the people had to put the huge blaze out was a leather bucket, an axe and water from the River Thames?  Would you also believe us if we told you it took 200 years after the Fire of London ended for the Fire Service to be created?  We decided to investigate how much has changed since then and now and asked the firemen whether they could come and show us what kind of equipment they have to help them nowadays.  They modeled their fire uniform for us and talked us through what each different bit does to protect the fire fighters.  We also got to look at the infrared camera and of course, squirt the hose!  A big thank you to the fire fighters and Smokey Bear for visiting!  

The Great Fire of London


The children have been learning about the Great Fire of London.  We began by sharing ideas about what we thought London was like in 1666 when the Great Fire of London happened.  We then compared and contrasted past and present London using pictures to help us.  We found out that the fire of London started on Pudding Lane in a bakery.  Thomas Farriner had gone to bed thinking he had put the fire out properly but as we now know, he hadn't!  The houses in those days were mainly made of wood and straw and were built extremely close together which made it easy for the fire to spread.  All the had to put out the fire was a leather bucket, an axe and water from the River Thames!

Florence Nightingale


The children have been learning all about nurturing nurses, in particular - Florence Nightingale.  She was born in Florence in Italy (hence the name Florence!) in 1820 to a rich upper class family.  Her family didn't want her to be a nurse and did everything they could to stop her.  However, Florence didn't listen to them and trained to be a nurse anyway.  She is an extremely significant person in British History.  This is because of her contributions during the Crimean war.  She helped care for the soldiers and improved the conditions in the hospitals by asking the government for bandages, clothes, blankets and better food.  She was known as the 'lady with the lamp' as she always carried a lamp around with her when tending to the soldiers in the dark.  In the picture below, we have used a venn diagram to compare Florence with another significant nurse - Mary Seacole.