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Holy Week Worships with Mr T

🙏 Holy Week Worship with Mr Theobalds - Good Friday 🙏

Join Mr Theobalds for the last Holy Week Worship. Make sure you head over to the Church YouTube channel at 10am to watch their Good Friday worship.
Thanks for joining me this week, have a lovely Easter weekend and stay safe, Mr T.

🙏 Holy Week with Mr Theobalds, Day 4 - Thursday 🙏

Join Mr Theobalds today and Worship together. He has two challenges for you today so make sure you're listening carefully! Don't forget to head over to the blog afterwards, it would be lovely to hear your thoughts 🌝

🙏 Holy week Worship with Mr Theobalds, Day 3 - Wednesday 8th April 🙏

Join Mr T in his garden with some teaspoons... keep watching to find out why he has teaspoons! Don't forget to head over to the Worship blog on Purple Mash today and share your thoughts on today's Worship.

🙏 Holy Week Worship with Mr Theobalds - Day 2 - Tuesday 7th April 🙏

Mr Theobalds brings you the second Worship of Holy Week from his naughty step. Why is he on the naughty step? Keep watching!

🙏 Mr Theobalds first Holy Week Worship - Monday 6th April 🙏

Join Mr Theobalds for his first of five acts of Worship during Holy Week. Today we focus on Jesus being the light of the world. Videos will be released at 11...