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In today's story 'Meerkat Mail' Sunny Meerkat packed a suitcase and went on an adventure to find somewhere perfect to live. He wrote postcards and sent them to his family to tell them about each place he visited.


For literacy today Miss Bryan and Miss Gahagan would like you to send us a postcard telling us about your favourite place you have ever visited.

Grownups you can do the writing / typing but try to write exactly what the children say.


Can you draw us a picture of your favourite place too?


There is a printable version of this or you can do the two tasks on Class Dojo - 

Task 1 - to type about the favourite place

Task 2 - to draw about the favourite place.


You could also do this on a blank piece of paper or in your books. On one side draw the picture and on the other tell us about it.


We can't wait to hear about your favourite places!