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Lost and Found Story

On Monday Miss Bryan gave us some clues to look at so that we could try and guess what might happen in our story this week.


We had a suitcase, a penguin, a boy, a rubber duck, an umbrella and a sign for the South Pole.

The children went into their groups to discuss what might happen in the story.

We heard some really great ideas and were very impressed with the team work, sharing ideas and listening to each other.


Miss Bryan then showed us the front cover and the title of the story and we shared some more predictions about the story.


Throughout the week we read the story and thought about character feelings, what might happen next and our favourite parts of the story.

We even did some hotseating where some of the children pretended to be either the boy or the penguin and answer questions asked by the rest of the class. They were great. We were really surprised at how well they acted in role and at the questions that were being asked by the other children. They showed a great understanding of the story and the characters.


We finished of the week by watching the film version of Lost and Found which was a little different to the book and we talked about the similarities and differences. We've had a great first week back, the children have been amazing and they've really enjoyed one of Miss Bryan's favourite stories!