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MFL at St. James

Welcome to the French area of our website!

The subject leader for MFL at St James' is Miss England.


Year 3


Year 3 have started the Spring Term with some French phonics. We're looking at the different sounds (phonemes) that blend together to make the French words. We've started with the colours as we already know these words and will be moving onto days of the week and Months of the year. This is to ensure that as they move through school, their pronunciation will be correct and when the graphemes are introduced, they will have a more accurate pronunciation of French when they read.


Year 4


Year 4 have started with the topic of transport. This will introduce simple sentences that they will be able to both speak and write. We are looking at the first (Je) and second (Tu) person formation so they will be able to ask and reply to simple sentences. We will also be looking at some phonics and this half term focusing on the grapheme 'ch'.


Year 5 and Year 6


We're looking into meanings of words and polishing up on our dictionary skills. the children will respond  to the meaning of songs/rhymes, suggest other rhyming words in French to change the meaning of different songs and poems. We'll be continuing with our grammar work on adjectives and how they have to agree with the noun that they are describing including possessive adjectives. We're going to do this under the topic of Friends and family and look to describe homes by size and say where items can be found. This half term, we'll be looking at writing compound sentences and joining two clauses with ‘et’ or ‘mais’ appropriately.





Subject Overview