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Our first two weeks in school

We had our first PE lesson with Mrs Blackburn.


We took our cardigans and jumpers off and put our pumps on.


Next week we are going to put our full PE kits on!

Picture 1

Painting outside!

Wednesday 11th September 2019


Life Education Caravan Visit


We thought about our bodies and what we use the different parts for.

Eyes - to look (Kasey)

Ears - to listen (Mila)

Mouth - to talk (Harry)

Nose - for sniffing (Oliver)


The children were asked lots of questions and answered them realy well.


What's on the outside of our body?

skin (Finn)

What do you call the air that we need to breathe in?

oxygen (Finn)


We even learnt that milk has water in it. The calcium in milk is really good for our teeth and bones.


We talked about our bodies needing 5 things:




We looked at Tammy and lots of children helped to light up different parts of her body.

Ribs - they protect our heart and lungs

Heart - Pumps blood around our body


Amelia lit up Tammy's heart!


Lungs - we felt our lungs get BIGGER as we breathed in and smaller as we breathed out.


Daniel found Tammy's lungs!


We learnt that another word for belly or tummy is stomach.


We all shouted 'LIGHT UP BRAIN' and tammy's brain lit up like magic.

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We met Harold the giraffe who was going to visit his grandparents for the night.


We looked inside Harold's washbag to see what he was taking with him.


He had:

* a face cloth

* a bar of soap

* shampoo

* a hair brush

* a tooth brush

* toothpaste

* a plaster


Why might he have a plaster?

Because he's hurt (Harry)


Who helps us if we need medicine?

Our mummys and daddys (Harper)



We had a great time in the caravan. We talked about how exercise is important and we had a little bit of exercise! It was so much fun. We even got a sticker with Harold on it!

We love writing!

Making our Listening Ears