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Our naughty Elf!

Monday 9th December

Jingle Bells was waiting at the window for us all to arrive on Monday with a message 'I have missed you'.

Tuesday 10th December

On Wednesday morning Jingle Bells was hanging from a swing above Miss Bryan's desk, pointing to some tricky words!

Thursday 12th December

Friday 13th December


When we came into school we couldn't see Jingle Bells anywhere in the classroom. Felix searched high and low but he was nowhere to be seen!

We thought that he must have gone back to Santa.

When we were in our Celebration Worship Mr Theobalds announced that Jingle Bells was the star of the week. He had crossed the real star of the week's name out and written his own! What a naughty elf. We then spotted him at the top of the Christmas tree in the hall on top of Finn's certificate! What a monkey!

We all screamed when Mr Theobalds picked Jingle Bells up and we hope he hasn't lost his magic and that he will be back on Monday!