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This week we started off with a game of dishes and domes.

The children were put into teams - orange team and blue team.

The had to run around turning the cones over depending on whethere their team was a dish or a dome.
The children loved this and tried hard to win the game with their team.

Next we played some football drills in our teams.
We had to sprint/ side step / use high knees to a cone and back. Once we got back to our team we had to sit down. The winners were the team who had all their players return and sit down first.

Over and Under
We played a game of over and under where we had to pass the ball over our head and the the next person under their leg to their team mate behind them.Once the person at the back of the line got the ball they had to run to the front of the line and the sequence of passes started again.
The winners were the team whose starting player got back to the front of the line first.

Dribbling the ball
We practised our dribbling skills with small touches using the inside of our feet. We learnt to stop the ball with our feet when Miss Bryan shouted stop!
Everyone had a turn at dribbling with a small ball and dribbling with a big ball.

Football Match
We finished off with a match of oranges versus blues. The blue team won one-nil after an own goal from the oranges!
We saw some impressive throw ins and excellent saves from the goalkeepers.