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Animals in Autumn


Today we thought about animals and what they do in the autumn.


We got ready for a final feast moving like squirrels, spiders and birds.


We moved around like frogs and caterpillars getting ready to hibernate. 

Can you move like a frog or caterpillar at home?

Frog: Crouched low with knees bent and hands flat on the floor in front of them to leapfrog through the spaces with the music. Strong scooping and digging actions on the spot using hands and feet as frog hides in squelchy mud.


Caterpillar: Long, smooth, sliding steps stopping every now and then to munch on juicy leaf. Sequence gradually gets slower as the caterpillar gets fatter! Hands and arms trace spinning patterns around body as if making a cocoon.


Finally we migrated to a warmer place like geese, we travelled gracefully through the spaces; dipping low, stretching high and gliding smoothly forwards.