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Autumn 1



On Tuesday's with Mrs Pearson, we have been doing Gymnastics.  We have been thinking about the different shapes we can make with our bodies and how we can link these shapes together using movement.  We have also tried some rhythmic gymnastics where we had to use the ribbons as a prop in our routines.  We have enjoyed creating routines individually, in pairs and in small groups. 


In PE with Miss Pennington we have been learning how to play a basic game of netball.  We have learnt how to use various different passes, including: chest pass, shoulder pass and bounce pass.  We have also learnt that you cannot move the foot that you land on once you have caught the ball and must pivot to find your team mates.  We have been using the basketball courts to play a mini version of the game - did you know you can only shoot inside the D?  


We also got to have a go at shooting using our brand new posts!  Check us out in action...