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The children have been focusing on balancing as part of their gymnastics unit.  Our key words have been: balance, control and core strength.  They have taken on board some top tips to improve their balances - always squeeze your muscles tightly and focus on one spot to help prevent wobbling!  They had 6 different stations to work around, check out what they've been up to! 

Christmas Fun!


The children enjoyed playing some silly Christmas games in PE!  They had to work as a team to decorate their human Christmas trees!  They were not allowed to put another decoration on until any that had fallen off were put back on.  The trees had to use their strength and balance to stay very still and keep the decorations on their branches!  




The children had a go at Kurling in preparation for the Year 1/2 Kurling competition.  They loved it!!  They had to think about our power and how hard we needed to push the kurling stone in order to reach the target.  They also started thinking about tactics and how we can knock the other teams stones out of the way.  Well done to the Year 2's who represented us at the competition and came away with a medal!  Amazing!

Invasion Games


The children have started learning about invasion games - attacking, defending and working as a team to score points/goals.  Here are some images of the children playing an invasion game involving rolling.  The children had to roll the ball to their team mates to get as close as they can to the oppositions goal before rolling the ball into the goal to score.  They really had to think about making sensible passes, which direction they needed to travel in and how to find a super space. 

Multi Skills


The children have also been working on their multi skills.  In this lesson the children were focusing on jumping, hopping and leaping.  They practiced jumping from 2 feet to 2 feet, 1 foot to 2 feet, 2 feet to 1 foot, 1 foot to 1 foot and leaping!  Phew!!