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PSHE - Heartsmart



In Year 3 we are learning to be 'Heartsmart'. This half term the theme is 'Fake is a Mistake'.


We talked about 'White lies' (small lies that we don't think matter) and the fact that they can still have a big effect.

Every little fake is still a mistake.

Being HEARTSMART means that we try to be true to ourselves and speak the truth all the time.


We looked at some different emojis and times when we have felt those feelings. We then talked about a time when we have showed a different emotion to what we really felt to try and be tough.


- Next time we are in a situation where we think something different to what everyone else thinks we are going to try hard not to hide it.


Miss Bryan set us a 3 minute Mummy Challenge.

In our groups we had to wrap one person in toilet paper to make them look like a mummy. The winning team was the team who managed to get the most toilet roll aroung their 'mummy'!


Afterwards we discussed how telling a lie is like clothing ourselves in toilet paper. It's like dressing up in something that's not great.


The real us is the best us!