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In RE we have been learning all about Churches and if they are all the same. 

In a letter to the Romans, St Paul tells the Christians that they are all members of the Body of Christ. The church is one body of people all working together to share the good news and build the Kingdom of God. Paul gave guidance as to how members of the body/church should behave.

We depicted our own ideas, about how our Church live out these instructions, through drawings. We then linked them to our own St James' school values.

What is Prayer?


What is prayer?  Why do Christians Pray?  Are there different ways of praying?  These are some of the questions we have been trying to answer in our RE lessons.  In one of our outdoor learning sessions, we investigated different ways of praying: with a candle as a focus, group prayer, silent prayers whilst listening to calming music, writing prayers to hang on a tree and drawing prayers with chalk.  We then discussed which prayer method we enjoyed the most and whether God is more likely to listen to your prayer if you pray in a certain way.  We also thought of some amazing questions about prayer which Miss Pennington has emailed to Mr T and Rev. Alice in church to answer.  

During this Autumn term, we have been looking at light in worship. This week we acted out light overcoming the darkness, during our RE lesson.


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