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Stories Jesus Heard - David and Goliath

1. Your introduction to the video

Today we’re going to hear about a very special person from the Bible - called David. David was a young shepherd, who later became a king. One of the best known stories about David is the one we’re going to hear’s a story that will help us to understand how someone who grew up as a shepherd could one day become a king. 

2. Play the video

Click on the ‘Play video’ button to load the video page. 

3. Time to talk Why did people think David could not win?

Have you ever felt like that..? Why do you think David chose to challenge Goliath? Have you ever had to ‘stand up’ to anyone? What happened? In the story Goliath is described as an ‘elephant’ and David as an ‘ant’. What does this mean? What other words would you use to describe the two of them? What do you think people might learn from this story?