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Reading Eggs

Please continue to work through Fast Phonics up to the end of peak 6.

If you reach the end of peak 6 it will do no harm to go back over the peaks again as it will only consolidate your learning.


Your child will receive a certificate when they reach the end of a peak and this will be read out in Friday Worship.


This week the children have lesson 5 and 28 set for them on Reading Eggs.


Lesson 5 focuses on a, t and at. 

Lesson 28 focuses on 


This will be available all week.


There are 12 sections to each lesson so they can be spread out throughout the week.

This week there are two books for you to read:




Some of you may have read 'Can Tom Dip' back in November, however re-reading will help with confidence and fluency.


It will also help to repeat the stories over the week for the same reason.