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Religious Education at St. James

Welcome to the R.E area of our website!


The subject leader for R.E at St James' is Mrs Wilton.



Snapshot of R.E

During the Autumn term, we have been asking some big questions in Reception class about the world around us and special people in our lives, including those who help us.  KS1 have looked at Harvest and the Bible and spent lots of time thinking about Christmas and the Nativity.  KS2 have been investigating expressing faith through art, prayer and meditation, Christmas traditions around the world, life Journeys and the impact we can have on change in today's society.


Subject Overview

Compassion Experience - St Wilfrid's


As part of our extended RE provision, 3 children attended a 'Compassion Experience' day at St Wilfrid's Church of England Academy.


During the morning they gained an insight into the work of the Compassion charity group and the work St Wilfird's school has done with them to support children in Rwanda.  They completed a passport during their journey, collecting information about the people and the country of Rwanda and many of the issues facing the people who live there.


It was a valuable experience and the children are looking forward to sharing their thoughts and ideas with Mr T and the rest of the school in the near future.



Compassion Experience November 2019

Children's RE Conference 2019 - Christmas


On Wednesday, Mrs Wilton, Peter and Logan visited Blackburn Rovers for the annual Children's RE Conference.


They had a wonderful time with children and staff from all over the diocese, discussing the true meaning of Christmas.  We talked, wrote, played and listened.  


They were also lucky enough to have an amazing two course lunch!!!


Mrs Wilton brought back some of the boys work to be displayed in school, including some amazing poetry.


Thank you to Lisa and the Diocese for the amazing experience.


Children's RE Conference 2019 - Christmas