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Snapshot of SKATs @ St James'

Year 2 - Summer 2

We have been working on the following SKAT's this half term.

  • I can compromise
  • I can plan and create
  • I can work as a team


During our creative group activities we have been learning to compromise and this has improved our team working skills.   We have taken part in lots of outdoor learning team games to develop our listening skills which makes us better team players.



'We took it in turns to say our ideas and then we voted for the best idea.  That was fair!' - Debbie-Leigh 


When we created our seaside maps we listened to each other and agreed who was drawing each bit.  We then drew in our own section' - Emily.


We talked about it and decided I would make the first shape then my partner would make the next one.  We were both happy because my partner got to go first the next time.' Elliot (DT structures)


Year 5 - Summer Term


Our SKATS this terms were:

We are articulate

I can problem solve


Year 5 have worked really hard to use these two SKATs in conjunction with each other.  When we articulate well this in turn helps our problem solving skills.  It has also helped with our group work and to solve friendship issues.



Year 3 - Summer Term

Our SKATS this term were:

How have we shown we can explain our thinking

How have we shown we are fair?


"How have we shown we can explain our thinking"

  • Kyla - We were explaining our thinking by doing our outdoor learning session. I think it was a good idea to get more people to explain what they thought.
  • Kacper - In outdoor learning when we went to get our stuff, we had to say why we needed it. 

"How have we shown we are fair"

  • Kacper - We had a team leader in every group.
  • Kyla - If people were too bossy then we'd explain.

Year 4 - Summer Term


Our SKATS this term were:

I can question and challenge

I am aware of my strengths 


"I can question and challenge" 

  • Charlie - I needed to challenge myself when playing basketball.
  • Joseph - Mrs Uttley set me challenges when she came to watch our PE lesson - I smashed my goals!


"I am aware of my strengths"

  • Rylee - My strength is having positivity.  I was very supportive of my team in PE.
  • Weronika - I didn't give up and showed resilience in PE and multi-sports.
  • Finn - I did well defending the net when playing football and have put lots of effort into new activities.  


Year 1 SKATs Snapshot

Year 3 - Summer Term


Our SKATS this term were:

How have we shown we can draw conclusions?

How have we shown we are decision makers?


"How have we shown we can draw conclusions"

We did a science investigation about magnets and how close they have to be to work.


"How have we shown we are decision makers"

We have chosen our dinners.

We have chosen what to play with in Golden Time.

We decided who would different jobs in our science team.


Year 6 - Summer Term

by Lily and Caiden 


Our SKATS this term were:

I can problem solve

I am self aware 


"I can problem solve"

We problem solve in maths, e.g. if you're stuck with fractions but you work out the answer.

On the playground, when people are arguing we problem solve. You can ask your friends what happened and try to sort it out.


"I am self-aware"

  • Caiden - I think this means that you're aware of people around you. I am self-aware when I do my writing and I know I have to check for any missing capital letters and full stops because I know that I forget them sometimes.
  • We think it means when you understand how you are feeling and what you are doing
  • Lily - I think this is when I'm in a lesson where I'm not confident (e.g. Science) so I know I need to try extra hard to get better.


Year 2 - Summer Term


Our SKATS for this term were:

I am organised

I am happy for others

I can imagine how others feel

We are loved and valued


  • Lily-Mae - I am happy for others because every time they get a prize I smile and clap
  • Joey - In phonics I am organised because I get my whiteboard and pen ready straight away
  • Saif - I am aware how people feel because when someone was on their own in the yard, I asked them if they wanted to play





Year 5 - Summer Term


Our SKATS this week were:

I am self aware

I am a responsible citizen 


We chose these SKATS and discussed how important they are as part of a class, school family and community.  The children have been working really hard to demonstrate these values during the school day.  Our photographs show how some children have managed to achieve them.


Year 3 - Spring Term

Our SKATS this term were:

How have we shown we can persevere?

How have we shown we can use our environment?

How have we shown we are fair?


"How have we shown we can persevere?"

  • We’ve kept trying when we didn’t understand something.


"How have we shown we can use our environment?"

  • We went for a walk to look for physical and natural features of the environment.


"How have we shown we are fair?"

  • When other people put their hand up, we listen to them and we are happy when they do a good job.


"How have we shown we are spiritual?"

  • We have laughed together and spent time outside on World Book Day.


Year 4 - Autumn Term


Our SKATS this week were:

I can predict Science - circuits and testing materials

I can adapt - learning during lockdown  


"I can predict Science - circuits and testing materials"

  • Jensen - The light will turn on if the material is metal.
  • Erin - The circuit must be connected for the light or buzzer to work.


"I can adapt - Learning during lockdown"

  • Paisley - Changing from home-learning to in school learning i was able to see other people.
  • Lola - In keyworker learning I was able to hear better because of less distractions and receive more 1:1 help.

Year 2 SKATs - Autumn 2

Our SKATS this term were:

We are team players

I am organised

I can have a go

I am respectful 


"We are team players"

  • Ruby - We worked with our friends to make a toy shop and sell toys.  We took turns and counted the money together.
  • Harrison - When we work in a team in PE I listen to the captain and give them my ideas.


"I am organised"

  • Debbie-Leigh - When we are getting ready to work I get all my things out so I am ready.


"I can have a go"

  • Daenerys - I wasn't very good at sewing in Year 1 but when I made my stocking I was really good and now I can sew.


"I am respectful"

  • Saif - When we are talking with our partners I listen to what they say and we take it in turns to talk.



Year 5 Autumn Term

Year 5 - Autumn Term


Our SKATS this term were:

I am self aware

Responsible Citizens

We are articulate/I can problem solve

I am positive


Year 5 have covered a number of SKATs during the Autumn term.  The children have selected the SKATs themselves and we have discussed what the mean and what they will look like in our daily lives.



Year 3 - Autumn Term


Our SKATS this week were: 

How have we shown we are ready for the 21st Century 

How have we shown we  are confident 


"How have we shown that we are ready for the 21st century?"

  • We did some coding in Computing and did our work on Purple Mash when our bubble closed!


"How have we shown we are confident?"

  • We all wrote a manifesto about ourselves for Pupil Voice and some of us presented to the class.


  • We had to write what we are good at and speak loudly.


Year 6  - Autumn Term


Our SKATS this week were: 

I am positive

I am articulate


"I am positive"

Kai thought that this SKAT meant choosing positive behaviours when in school, e.g. listening and trying his best. He said that this was helping him to do better in school and that he felt more positive about school. 


Keira thought that being positive was about being happy and feeling good.

Molly thought that she had shown this SKAT when she stayed with her friend after a lesson to help her finish her work when she found it tricky. She stayed positive to help her friend. 


"I am articulate"

Kai and Eliesha thought that this meant speaking clearly and explaining your words well. 


Oliwia thought that she had shown this SKAT when she explained the answers to the registration task in the morning because she spoke clearly to everyone. 


Year 4 - Autumn Term


Our SKATS this week were:

I can persevere

I am ready for the 21st Century


"I can persevere"

  • I tried my best and kept going
  • I never gave up in isolation
  • I am really good at learning independently
  • When I was doing my work, I wanted to play on Minecraft, I resisted temptation


"Am ready for the 21st Century"

  • I can use the internet
  • I know now how to use zoom
  • I learnt how to copy and paste
  • I know my round purple mash
  • I can log onto purple mash, reading eggs and TT Rockstars