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Staff TikTok Videos

Mrs Malik and Jasmine's TikTok dance

Mrs Malik is the next teacher to turn to TikTok during lockdown! Great job Mrs Malik and Jasmine, looks like great fun! Maybe you could have a go?

Mr T and Jenna do TikTok again!

They're back! We think he's becoming quite the pro now! Well done to Jenna for having the patience and teaching him this 🙌🙌😂😂

Miss Bryan and Mollie do TikTok!

Apparantly I'm better than some of Mollie's four year olds but very wooden! 🙈🙈 It was great fun to do though! 🌝 Hope you enjoy!

Mr and Mrs Bibby do TikTok!

Check out these moves!

Mr T and Jenna do TikTok

The 'grooviest' headteacher in town! A little something to make you smile, hope you enjoy St James' gang.