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Storytelling Day

Poppy’s Alien Adventure


We had a great day on Wednesday as we celebrated National Storytelling week.

We were given a picture to look at and we had to create a story based on the picture. 
The children were excited to share their ideas and together they created their story!
One of their characters was an alien, he was big with three eyes, a fat tummy and teeth down to his toes!

Their main character Poppy ended up climbing up a beanstalk to space where she met the scary alien, picked up some moon dust, got chased around the moon and then climbed back down the beanstalk. 
Things soon got really crazy when the moon dust made things float in the air and then the house float up to space! Did Poppy meet the alien again and did she survive? 
Ask your little lovely to tell you the story so you can find out!  

Picture 1