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Sunshine Club


Sunshine Club


Welcome to the sunshine club! The sunshine club runs every day during school time. Each week, different groups of children take part in fun activities both indoors and outdoors. 


Keep checking our page for updates on our different event themes. 



Mothers Day 2020

In preparation for Mothers Day on Sunday 29th March 2020, we have created paper flowers this week at Sunshine club.

Outdoor fun!


This week the children have had fun creating their own obstacle course.  They worked together to decide on the different activities and then timed each other to see who was the fastest! 

Outdoor fun!

National Storytelling Week 2020


This week we have been looking at stories. 

We read 'Dragons in the city' and created our own paper dragons.


Space Week


The children enjoyed making lots of space themed arts and crafts. They made, (and ate a few along the way wink) phases of the moon out of yummy Oreos, a galaxy in a bottle, spaceship portholes & star constellations. 

Roald Dahl Day themed activities

We read James & The Giant Peach then created our own animals out of sticks that the children had found in the playground. 

The next story we looked at was George’s Marvellous Medicine. Then the children enjoyed having fun making their own ‘Marvellous’ creations.