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Below are some topic related activities. You only need to do one of them or you can do as many as you like.



Task 1: Penguin Bop (Physical Development)


Play penguin bop.

Place cushions, towels or paper on the floor. Put some music on and dance around like a penguin, waddling and sliding on your tummy. When the music stops hop on to an iceberg (cushion) as fast as you can!


Task 2: Make a Penguin (Expressive Arts & Design)



Can you make a penguin? You could use whatever materials you want.


Here are some ideas...





Task 3: Make a Bird Feeder (Understanding the World)


Give your plastic milk bottles a new lease of life by turning them into simple bird feeders!


You’ll need to help the children cut a large enough window in each of the four sides, leaving a shallow tray at the bottom for the bird seed. Then get the children to tie a loop of string to the top of the bottle so that they can later hang the bird feeder. You could even make holes to feed a stick through so the birds can stand on it.


Once the bird feeder has been assembled, maybe try decorating it to make it look nice for the birds.


Alternatively, you can make a bird feeder using some cardboard tubes, peanut butter and seeds. Get a cardboard tube, such as toilet roll inners, and spread some peanut butter all over them. Roll the tube in a tray of bird seed so that the seeds stick to the peanut butter. Finally, ask the children to thread a string through the tube and fasten the ends together before hanging it up for some feathery dinner guests!