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Topic Task 3: The Creation Story

Understanding the World


In RE this half term we are learning about stories that Jesus heard.

Today we will start with the creation story and how God created the world. Enjoy watching the video and doing the activities below.

The Creation Story

This is the story of how God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it.

Fun Activity:


Ask the children to imagine they are an animal.

What animal are they?

How do they move around?  

What sounds do they make?

Invite the children to move around and explore the space as though they are the animal, showing which animal they are by the way they use their whole body to move around!

Can you draw a picture of your animal or send in a video of you acting out your animal impression? We will have a watch at school to guess your animal!

Topic Task 2: Music Time! 

Expressive Arts & Design


Can you make a musical instrument? You could make a shaker using rice and a container or perhaps make a drum by decorating a box and banging it with sticks or maybe try making a guitar?