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Here are some activities for you to do if you fancy having a little fun! Remember to send us some pictures of your learning and fun at home.



Activity 1 - Den Building


At school we love building dens, we have a girls den and a boys den.

Why not have a go at building an indoor den? You could use pillows, chairs, tables or whatever takes your fancy. Use pegs or hair bobbles to help attach the materials together.


Once inside enjoy reading books, watching a movie even having a picnic!


Please remember to send us pictures of your dens!


Activity 2: Making People


In the creation story it tells us that God created man. Why not have a go at creating some people yourself? You could make them out of playdough, Lego or even bake some gingerbread men. Be as creative as you can…you could add hair, beards or clothes!

I have popped the gingerbread recipe below.


Activity 3 - Frozen Bubbles

Is it really cold? Then try blowing bubbles outside to see how frost patterns form on them. Blow the bubbles next to a cold surface so that they don’t break in the air, and use a bubble wand to catch them!

Bubble mixture

Makes 350ml
Prep 5 minutes

50ml washing-up liquid (one part)

  • 300ml water (six parts)

1. Measure the washing-up liquid into a container, such as a jam jar or glass bottle.

2. Slowly add in the water, being careful not to create too many bubbles at this stage. Gently stir the mixture together to combine – a chopstick is perfect for this.

3. If you can, let the bubble mixture rest before using it, as it will make your bubbles even better.

4. When you’re ready, dip your bubble wand into the mixture and start blowing bubbles!

Homemade bubble wands

If you don’t have a wand from a store-bought pot of bubbles, don’t despair! You can have fun by looking for different items around the house that can be used to make bubbles. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Paperclips – bend them into wands or use as they are
  • Straws
  • Biscuit cutters
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Fly swatters