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Topic Activity 1 -

We can dance  

Have a go at making up your own dance routine. You add in twirls, leaps and hops. Try experimenting with fast paced music and slower paced music.

You could try teaching it to either your brothers or sisters or try and get mum and dad to have a go!


You could build yourself a stage and dance the night away cha cha cha!


Examples of music to use regular paced  slower paced faster paced

Topic Activity 2 -

Make a Poster or create tickets for your dance show!


You could create a poster and some tickets for 'the show'.

Posters are usually nice and bright, so

make sure you make it really colourful and bright.

Oh, and remember to add on the time and place where the show will take place. 

Stick it up at home to let everyone know so they can come to watch your amazing performance!