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Activity 1 - Try Something New


So, Kevin the Koala learnt that life can be great when you try something new!


Can you try something new today?

It could be eating a new food or doing a job you haven't done before. Maybe you could do an activity that you haven't done before or play a new game.


We would love to hear what you have tried that's new and if you enjoyed it!

Activity 2 - Bubble Painting


Why not try a bit of bubble painting?

You will need:

  • paints
  • fairy liquid/ soap
  • pots for the paint
  • paper
  • and a straw
  • And a table cover as it could get messy!

Put a small amount of paint in the pots then add a little bit of soap and some water. Mix well. Then place the straw in the paint and blow! Make as many bubbles as you can (Remember though Do Not suck!) once you have lots of bubbles pouring out of your pot place your paper over the top to pop the bubbles. It may need a few attempts to get your technique mastered.