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Activity 1: Skittles Rainbow

This is a really cool science experiment. Can you make a rainbow using skittles and water?

You will need:

  • a packet of skittles
  • warm water
  • a saucer or plate.

Place the skittles on the plate in any design you wish. I usually start around the edge. Then slowly pour the warm water on to the plate just until it almost covers the skittles. Then watch and wait.

Try arranging the skittles in different ways, you could make shapes, patterns or even a face!

Can you see if any of the colours have mixed? If so, what colours did they make?

Try the experiment with cold water? Do you think the colours will still run off the skittles?


Activity 2 - 

Have a sing song!


The Jungle Boogie Song

Walking Through the Jungle

The Farmyard Jamboree

Miss Gahagan’s favourite, she does a little flamenco dance every time she hears it!

Over in the Meadow