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Week 1

Week 1


What a lovely first week back it has been! It has been SO wonderful to finally get together as a class and get to know each other. Our main focus this week has been settling in, team building and talking about our feelings and any worries. 


As a class, the children came up with a list of classroom rules, which they thought would most benefit their safety, well-being and learning.


The children wrote a letter to them selves, to discuss their feelings about coming back to school and also to say what they hope to achieve in Year 3. They did a fabulous job!


We also created a feelings check - in box. Each child has a counter with their name on it. When they arrive every morning, they post their counter through the slot which matches how they are feeling that day: 

- I'm great!

- I'm good.

- I'm okay.

- I'm struggling.

- I'm really finding things difficult today and would like a check in. 

Those who have expressed they would like a check - in will discretely be spoken to by a member of the Year 3 team. The children seem to really like it so far!


There are lots of things that are different at the moment at school but I couldn't be prouder of how the class have coped with coming back to school to new rules, a new classroom and new teachers. 


Well done Year 3!


Love Miss S x