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Week 1

Geography - Rivers 


Today was our first lesson on our new unit - Rivers.

The children explored the River Axe. They had to try and sequence the stages of the river starting with the source and ending with the mouth. 


There is a lot of technical vocabulary in this unit so we played a detective game and the children had to match definitions to a visual image on a river.


Then we had a quiz. Everyone had to close their books and they had to tell me the name of a feature or for a challenge, tell me the description if I gave them a feature.


It was a busy and challenging afternoon but we enjoyed it. 

Geography - Rivers

R.E - Daniel


In R.E we are learning about The People of God. This half term we are learning about Daniel and his friends. In this lesson the children had to use drama to explore how Daniel and his three friends must have felt when they were taken from Jerusalem. Can you tell what emotion they are trying to share?