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Week 1

What we've been up to this week...


We've had a lovely first week of summer term in Year 3. We had a very sleepy start on Tuesday but by Wednesday we were wide awake and raring to go. 


We enjoyed some learning about shape poetry at the start of this week. We looked at existing shape poems and analysed their features and language used. For our shared write, on Tuesday afternoon we gathered ideas about kites. This included looking at photographs and vides but best of all, flying a real kite on the playground! The wind wasn't great so we took turns running around the playground with the kite. It was such an enjoyable experience and it was so lovely to see the excitement on the children's faces. Many of our children had never flown a kite before so it was a really special memory to share together. We used the vocabulary generated from our gathering ideas phase to write a shape poem about a kite. The next day we put our ideas and skills into an independent shape poem about birds. The children really enjoyed this little unit of work and put a lot of effort into it. 


We also started our unit of writing on the novel The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes. The children listened to a description of the Iron Man and drew what they visualised. We then compared our drawings to each others' and a film clip on the BBC website. 


In maths we have been recapping some knowledge on fractions, focussing on recognising equal parts and finding 1/2 and 1/2 of shapes and quantities.


We have worked on our sprinting technique in PE as well as our throwing and catching skills. We played a new game of sprinting noughts and crosses which the children loved. 


On Friday, we started our DT project by creating a design brief for a frame to create an outdoor picture and by exploring existing frames. 

Shape Poetry - Reading Phase and Gathering Content for Shared Write