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Week 1

Welcome to the Summer term!

The children came back to school with a really positive attitude to their learning this week, which was lovely to see.

We have enjoyed reading our twisted traditional tale, Jack and the Baked Beanstalk in English this week. We used the 'decision alley' drama technique to help 'Jack' to decide whether he should climb the beanstalk or not! The children gave confident, persuasive responses and 'Jack' finally decided to climb it!

In science we have started of new unit 'Living things and their habitats'.  The children have been sorting and grouping objects into living, non living and dead! They then made their own animal using playdoh and described what characteristics it would have if it was alive, using the MRS GREN acronym.

In maths we have continued with our fractions work and also started our 'temperature' unit.  We took our learning outdoors on Tuesday and practised reading the scales on different thermometers to record and compare the temperature outside.  Tuesday was the hottest day at 18 degrees celsius.

Let's hope it gets even warmer over the coming weeks!