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Week 2

Week 2


This week we have continued exploring our English text, Escape from Pompeii, by discussing unknown vocab and using strategies to discover their meaning. We also dived into the key events using freeze frame drama techniques to think about the emotions and actions of the characters. 


In Maths we have been using the column multiplication to times two digit and one digit numbers. We found this tricky but persevered which was brilliant. The Base 10 and Place value equipment really helped our thinking. 


The children absolutely loved their science lesson on rocks. We used chocolate to learn how different types of rocks were created. The children squashed chunks of different chocolate together to show how sedimentary rocks are made (layers of sediments pressed together under the sea), rubbed their hands together to generate slight heat (tectonic plates moving) and pressed them onto existing chocolate rocks to change them into metamorphic rocks (igneous/sedimentary rocks that have been changed due to heat/pressure) and heated some chocolate in the microwave to represent magma or lava which then cooled to create an igneous rock (cooled molten rock).


Have a lovely weekend!! 

Miss S