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Week 2

It's been another busy week at St. James'!


This week, we have worked very hard in all of our lessons. In Maths, we learned about factors, multiples and how to calculate using BODMAS (order of operations). Although we found it a bit confusing at first, we kept on going and now we are feeling much more confident. In English, we read and watched the next part of 'A Little Princess'. We found out that Sara's attic was magically transformed by a mysterious friend. We have lots of ideas about who might have done this but we're sure that if Miss Minchin finds out, she will not be happy! In Topic lessons, we have linked our learning about the Ancient Egyptians to Geography. We discussed physical and human features of landscapes, including Lower Darwen. We especially enjoyed comparing the human and physical features of Lower Darwen from the past to now. We could see what buildings had changed and that physical features, such as the River Darwen, were still the same many years later. In RE, we have started a new unit called 'Change the World'. We explored what we would change about the world if we could. It brought up some very interesting discussion topics, including plastic pollution, animal rights, world leaders and Brexit!