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Week 2

Week 2


Second week into the term and the learning has been non-stop.


This week saw the launch of the Pupil Voice Co-ordinators in school. Before we wrote our own manifestos, we learnt about how to plan and write one. We used the plans to put keywords and ideas down for when we wrote up in full. The votes are next week and so the children who decided to stand as candidates made recordings.  Good luck to all those children who are confidently putting their names forward. Also, in English we learnt how to identify the strengths in a presentation.


In Maths this week, its has been all about adding and subtracting two digit and three digit numbers. We have used a variety of equipment and resources to help with our learning. By the end of the week, we were producing drawings to help us with our calculations.


Science has been great fun. We have drawn around our bodies and learnt about the different bones and their names. We then made our class skeleton, identifying and labelling the bones and putting them in the correct places.


In Geography, we have had more fun learning how to read, use and interpret maps.


What an amazing computing lesson. Again, some of the children were the teachers with the knowledge they have gained about coding.


We have also been learning about having a healthy lifestyle in PSHE.


In our RE lesson, we have looked at faith through art. How so many different artists show their faith and beliefs in different ways.


Wow, what a packed week, have a good weekend and rest up for a fun filled next week.